LA Rams News: Team will stream live training camp sessions this week

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LA Rams News: The team will begin streaming live training camp sessions, starting August 13

How would you like to have front row seats to the LA Rams training camp this week? Well in keeping in the 2020 tradition of virtual is the next best thing to being there, the team is planning to give fans access to training camp starting August 13th.  How can they do that with so many pandemic protocols in place? Well, the team is rolling out a very comprehensive streaming schedule for the team’s training camp with 12 dates selected.

The plan as displayed on is to broadcast the team’s training camp via the team’s website at,  on their Facebook page at, and at their YouTube channel at  If you will be planning to use your smartphone, you can download their app by checking out the website at and following the directions for your device.

Streaming experience

The option to stream the training camp has both plusses and minuses. Some shortfalls are that you are not in command of what you see. Just like a televised broadcast, your view is limited to where cameras are pointed, and where the producer believes is where the action is.  If you want to check out the running backs, and the streaming is defensive backs, you will be watching defensive backs.  That can be some of the downsides.

But there are plenty of upsides too.  Oftentimes, streaming training camp captures candid shots and conversations between players. The video is often given access fans will never get, which gives the viewers the opportunity to see close-ups and highlights.  And the streaming can often include mini-interviews, press conferences, and coaching summaries.

The schedule

Per web page, the team plans to live stream training camp on the following dates: August 13-15, August 17-19, August 21, August 23, and finally August 25-28. What the daily schedule is on these dates has not yet been determined. Of course, the Rams are also scheduled to debut this Tuesday, August 11, on HBO Hard Knocks.  If you need more football after Hard Knocks, the LA Rams will also host an online version of HBO Hard Knocks: LA After Show each Tuesday.

Just like the online streaming of training camp, you can catch the Hard Knocks After Show via the team’s website, their Facebook page, or their YouTube video channel.  Again, while the schedule has been released, the format details for the broadcast are not yet available. Of course, the lack of details stands like an open invitation, a sort of “come on in and find out for yourself!” sort of unspoken welcome mat.

Best experiences happen with planning

The best training camp experiences happen if you set yourself up with a bingo card or scavenger hunt beforehand.  Make a list of questions that you want to learn about the team. If you want to learn about special teams, you might make a list with some of the following items: Who is kicking off? Who is returning punts? Who is returning kicks?  Who has kicked the longest FG in training camp so far? Who has the best FG accuracy in training camp?  Any direct interviews with coaches?

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The video streaming is a huge opportunity to catch the progress of players. If you need a depth chart to follow along, here is our pre-camp depth chart. If you need the Rams 2020 NFL Draft class, here is our draft grade summary.

The Rams have a lot to sort out in a short amount of time.