Worst to first? LA Rams offensive line ranking should surprise nobody

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams 31st ranked offensive line of 2019 is ranked the best in the NFL  run blocking in 2020

The LA Rams boasted ranked as the eighth-best offensive line in 2020 after three games by Pro-Football Focus.  Three weeks later, the same offensive line has risen to the very top, now ranked as the best rushing offensive line and third-best pass protection by Football Outsiders.  What a change of fortune, right? Well, it should not come as a complete shock.  After all, the woes of a year ago began when the offensive line began to endure repeated injuries to the offensive line. Sometimes it happens. When it does, the team becomes shaky very quickly. Doubt the impact? Check out the woes of the 2-4 Dallas Cowboys or the 2-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles, two teams that have struggled to keep offensive linemen healthy in 2020.

Analysts may or may not acknowledge injuries as a factor during the season. But as soon as the season ends, that all goes out the window. In the end, the mainstream media use the sudden drop by the team as an indication that the team is regressing, and will use the injuries as enough reason to underestimate the team.  The LA Rams had plenty of offensive linemen in 2019. The Rams had plenty of starting offensive linemen in 2019. The Rams fell short of healthy offensive linemen in 2019.

Fortuitous turns

The LA Rams did not react to their injured offensive line in 2019. The Rams became proactive. The team traded for reserve lineman Austin Corbett and signed offensive lineman Coleman Shelton off the Arizona Cardinals practice squad. The Rams added three offensive linemen to the roster via the 2018 NFL Draft, two more via the 2019 NFL Draft, two more added in midseason of 2019, and then added two more in 2020.  That’s nine linemen added in three seasons, but over the span of 24 months.

The Rams got healthy in the offseason, across the entirety of the roster. And that steady stream of talent to the roster, combined with a healthy bill of health, allowed us to remain very optimistic about the fortune of this offensive line months ago when the consensus was dark and gloomy.  You see, the NFL eliminated all but the bare minimum for training camp in 2020. Rookie offensive linemen in 2020 never had a chance. So the offensive lines saturated with veterans had a distinct advantage.

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The LA Rams offensive line is succeeding this year. As we discussed nearly a month ago, that was no accident. The Rams made a series of correct decisions to place the team in a position to win in 2020. So it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following our articles that the LA Rams offensive line is doing so well. Even still, interest remains in the LA Rams trading for offensive line help.

The LA Rams are already there folks. Other areas have a much greater urgency on this team than the offensive line.  But we’ve told you that before, didn’t we?