LA Rams QB Jared Goff connects again, with Inglewood Unified SD

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams QB Jared Goff launches a long one, from the heart, and connects with Inglewood Unified School District students

The LA Rams organization is more than a football team. The organization is a wellspring of community service, of men and women giving back to the people who support them.  I won’t lie, I love a good story about the other side of football players. It helps to keep me grounded, to realize that the X’s and O’s, stats and roster moves, are not about football players, but rather are about young men who are trying to realize their dreams of playing football in the NFL.

Along the way, these players make a difference in their communities. Players like Aaron Donald, whose foundation employs positive messaging and real help to communities to share opportunities with young men and women. There is Sebastian Joseph Day, who led the way to provide for caregivers during the pandemic and to lead the way to solutions in grief-stricken communities.  There’s Andrew Whitworth, nominated to be the LA Rams candidate for the Salute to Service Award. And then, there’s quarterback Jared Goff.

Help for needy students

Like many school systems, the Inglewood Unified School District has become more than a center of education for students. Oftentimes, it is the source of meals, books, social and vocational clubs, sports,  and so much more. And yet, despite the urgency to provide for students, there is often a shortfall between the need and the supply.  LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff is trying to balance the books.

Jared Goff is matching the proceeds from his JG16 apparel store.

Apparel sales to benefit IUSD

Jared Goff has repurposed his apparel shop, The Official Brand of Jared Goff, to help students from the Inglewood Unified School District.  The message that displays when you first open the site explains what, and why, the LA Rams quarterback is doing with all proceeds of his apparel sales.

"This off-season there have been many unprecedented events that have captured my attention beyond football. With that being said, I want to do more than just show up to work at SoFi Stadium on Sundays. It is important to me to have a greater impact beyond football in Inglewood and to uplift the city’s youth by doing my part to create change and make a difference at the foundation.Among several initiatives that will rollout this year, I have decided to re-brand my JG16 apparel line and have all the proceeds go to the Inglewood Unified School District for various needs such as meals, learning tools, and other programs for students. It is my hope that this initiative inspires you to join me and help create opportunities for the youth in Inglewood this season and for many years to come. – Jared Goff"

As I stated above, I love a good story about the side of football players off the football field. I truly appreciate it when the quarterback of the football team makes an effort to help the lives of young students. Jared Goff is igniting hope in the hearts of students at a time when hope is critical in someone’s life.

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Many are interested in a football player solely for what they deliver on a football field. As for me, I appreciate the on and off-field efforts.  Perhaps that is why the LA Rams are so easy to cheer for. They are filled with players who give back in ways that extend far beyond game-day.  Now, back to today’s game hosting the Seattle Seahawks. Go Rams!