Can the LA Rams legendary bone jersey mystique win once more?

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams cling to the hope that their legendary bone jersey mystique can carry them to a win this Sunday

The LA Rams unveiled a new look this season, and one new jersey combination is the bone on bone color scheme. If you recall, the offseason was filled with uniform and logo controversy. To commemorate the Rams new home at SoFi Stadium, the team rolled out a series of new logs, color schemes, to receptions that were either warm or icy cold.

While the fans have slowly been acclimating to the new looks, the fact remains that some combinations have become more popular over time.  Even as quarantines began to roll out this year, some asked whether the Rams could quarantine the new jerseys.  But tracking the uniform effectiveness became a hobby of sorts for contributor John Vogel.

After seven weeks, he discovered an unusual trend with the Rams record and the color of their uniform. Nicknamed uniformatics, Vogel’s unique investigation proved that the Rams win-loss record followed a pattern of which uniforms the team was wearing.

Undefeated bone jerseys

So it’s cause for excitement when the uniform schedule reveals that the Rams are due to play in their bone jerseys. Right now, that’s the case for this Sunday’s game at Arizona.

Curiously, the Rams are undefeated when wearing the bone on bone uniforms. The only hiccup occurred on week six when the San Francisco 49ers elected to wear their throwback white uniforms, forcing the Rams to go with their more colorful but less successful royal blue combination.

Now, the Rams are entering their final five games of the season. Of those games, the team will be wearing their bone-bone combination on three more occasions – this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, at home against the New York Jets, and week 16 at the Seattle Seahawks. If the dweomer holds, the Rams will finish this season no worse than 10-6. While that may not win the division crown, it will be enough to return the Rams to the NFL Playoffs this season.

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Bone jerseys may not be the most attractive uniform combination in the NFL. They may not even be the most colorful. But if the Rams continue to win while playing in them, they’ll be very popular.