NFL Playoff scenarios created by LA Rams final 5 games

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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5-0 record

In the realm of possibilities, the Rams winning out this season in all five games feels as likely or better than the one win scenario. But while it is most definitely possible, I would not count on it just yet. After all, we know that the Rams struggle to string together more than two wins at a time.  That pattern of winning some and then losing some is fatal to any hopes the Rams may harbor for a deep playoff run.

The only way to bet the pattern in the playoffs is to beat that pattern now. If the Rams could build a five-game winning streak before the NFL playoffs, the Rams would very likely enter as the NFC’s second seed, and could even earn a top seed at 12-4 if both the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers hit an unexpected speed bump along the way. The Saints must still face the Kansas City Chiefs, so they are likely to lose one more game.

Winning cures everything

Winning out in the final five games would boost the Rams’ confidence before the playoffs. It’s a known fact that winning cures many things in professional sports. And a 12-4 finish for the Rams this season would be in itself nothing short of spectacular.  Keep in mind what the Rams inherited from last season.

The Rams inherited a bad running game, a poor offensive line, a defense riddled with holes due to free agency defections, nearly their entire special teams poached by the Dallas Cowboys, and a national narrative that truly expected the team to fail miserably. The coffers were emptied due to huge contracts handed out to players whose performance fell last season. And the team was limited in draft picks.

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This is a Rams team that has beaten the odds this season. It’s been one helluva journey so far, and the Rams are in the thick of NFL Playoff discussion. This is after the national NFL media had expected the Rams to fade to the background. Well, the Rams are still here, and still making noise. Depending on the next five games, they may be very loud and proud for weeks to come.