LA Rams News: Going blue on bone for Thursday Night Football

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams News: The team’s bone uniform means winning, so the Rams are going with bone pants in a crucial Thursday Night Football game

The LA Rams have enjoyed a remarkably successful streak so far in 2020 when they don their bone uniforms. Just chalk it down to one more quirky thing about the year of 2020, as this year has been anything but normal so far. The advent of the coronavirus pandemic has shifted normalcy in practically all walks of life.

While the disruptions of daily routines, jobs, commutes, and even the ability to celebrate holidays with families and friends, some new wrinkles have turned towards the positive. Well, positive if you are a fan of the LA Rams. Thanks to some odd force of the Cosmos at work, the LA Rams are witnessing a developing trending of success when the team dons bone uniform colors

The pattern so far this season is undeniable.

Ramblin Fan noticed it first

The link between bone uniforms and the Rams winning was first talked about at length by our very own John Vogel, who had plenty of analysis behind the observation.  Since that time, it’s been a focus of Rams fans and sports casters.  To be fair, the color and result of uniforms this season began with game one, as the elimination of direct contact with players and coaches forced a bit of creativity on our part to ensure quality football related content.

That initial hunch for the first game against the Dallas Cowboys has become a bit of a theme this season for the Rams, and is both a positive and negative development for the team. It’s no coincidence that the 49ers switched their uniform colors when facing the Rams to avoid playing against their bone uniforms.

Uniform schedule

Because it has become a hot topic of interest for fans, we’ve remained abreast of the uniforms impact on the Rams season so far.  And with each win in bone uniforms, the interest in the next uniforms grows.

So will the Rams win in bone pants? That’s certainly the hope. They have in the past, although the Royal jersey has had a dampening effect on the Rams this year.

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Will the uniform determine this game’s outcome? Well, the Rams did win with this combination against the Seattle Seahawks.  Hopefully, that winning mojo lingers for this one.