As LA Rams cool on Goff, NFL Rumors heat up on Texans’ Watson

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Believable yes. Valid? TBD.

And that is simply enough of a thread, valid or fictitious, to tie all of these separate elements into one large and comprehensive narrative.  Similar rumors became reality a year ago when the Rams were reportedly rumored to be moving on from star running back Todd Gurley.  Those rumors gained steam when WR Brandin Cooks’ name was added to the whispers.

The same doubts over the Rams’ likelihood of acting then are present now. Protesters argued: ‘The Rams will never move him, as they’ll take a huge hit in their salary cap to do so.’  and ‘Who else will the Rams get? They won’t do it because nobody will trade for that player with that hug contract.’  And yet, just weeks later, both were gone. The Rams cut Gurley outright. Several weeks later, the Rams traded Cooks.

But do the Rams have enough draft picks to pull it off? Well, the Rams return to round one in the 2022 NFL Draft and thereafter. And the 2022 NFL Draft will most likely be far more predictable than that of the 2021 variety. Not only will new scouting techniques be developed to emphasize virtual assessment, but the NCAAF league will likely return to normal in 2021.  The 2022 NFL Draft will be far more intriguing to NFL teams as a result.

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Deals are not easy to pull off. While so many doubt the Rams’ ability to pry Watson from the Texans, there are many advantages to why a Goff + picks package could be the most tempting of all. Goff gives the Texans the ability to compete and win now. Despite his regression, he continues to be one of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL. And with his inclusion in a host of first-round picks, the Texans not only get an immediate NFL starting quarterback on day one, but a bevy of NFL draft picks to build around him.

How much do the Texans value Rams QB Goff? If they discuss trading Watson to the Rams, likely far more than NFL Fans. Yes, Goff could be diminishing. But many elite quarterbacks click in years six through ten, and Goff is about to enter his sixth season.  In fact, Goff may already be doing exactly that.

The NFL salary cap won’t stop any trade between the Texans and the Rams. And no, a lack of draft picks won’t stop the Rams from compiling a very competitive package for the Texans’ quarterback Watson. There are only two factors that will stop this trade from happening? How interested are the Houston Texans is acquiring Rams quarterback Jared Goff in the exchange? And how interested are both teams in making this deal happen?

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If both teams are highly motivated, a deal happens, just like it did when the LA Rams traded WR Brandin Cooks to the Texans. I don’t have any insider information. And I’m no soothsayer. That’s just how things work in the NFL. Buckle up. This story is growing some legs.