Time for the LA Rams roster to add a fullback

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

We know that the LA Rams had a bad offensive line in 2019. We also know that Pro Football Focus ranked that same offensive line among the Top-Three in the NFL for the 2020 NFL Season How did the Rams accomplish that much improvement? Well, getting healthy was the critical step. But it was a series of decisions made logically and proactively that set the stage for a rebound year for the LA Rams road graders.

Up-Down-Up.  Do I need to tell you what comes next in this pattern? Investing heavily in one position, one player, puts added stress on the remainder of the roster. The LA Rams have invested heavily in the quarterback position. A ridiculous amount of draft picks and salary expense. Now, the team needs to add pieces to make it all work out for the best.

To do that, the LA Rams will need to crawl out of their rut on offense.  The Rams will need a speedy deep threat at the receiver position. But that only helps the Rams if they have enough time to pass. So what can the Rams do to ensure that the quarterback has a pristine pocket?


Yes, we’re on that again. What could have possibly triggered another run at lobbying for a fullback? The Detroit Lions have used a fullback for Matthew Stafford’s career. Since the Rams are ‘all in’ on Stafford now, it only makes sense for the Rams to investigate any manner of modifying their offense to give him the best chance for success.  That must include adding a fullback.

We’ve cited reasons why this offense needs a fullback.  And we confirmed that the LA Rams running back coach Thomas Brown can coach fullbacks as well. Of course, that was 2020. Now, the LA Rams have imported a quarterback who has played in an offense with a fullback.

Stafford knows offense with a fullback

So why change for Stafford? Well, three reasons jump off the page on this one. First of all, the LA Rams running backs Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson would benefit greatly from a big blocking back leading the way through the holes.

Second of all, the LA Rams passing game would benefit greatly from a formation that sends a huge blocker at the line of scrimmage with a head of steam to knock potential blitzing defenders on their butts. Thirdly, the presence of a fullback on some plays adds a safety outlet, a short-range, and even intermediate route options for Stafford.

Who should the Rams sign?  Well, that’s for another discussion. The Rams can sign a free agent, draft a rookie, or sign a UDFA after the draft.  The LA Rams must abandon the ‘my way or the highway‘ in order to win it all. It’s time to sprinkle in new offensive concepts. Wildcat. Fullback. Setting up a mobile quarterback on the field with Stafford.

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Cutting edge offensive plays mean more than doing what nobody else has done. Sometimes it is simply just doing something that this offense has not done before.  It’s time for the LA Rams to win, not just prove who’s right or smarter. It’s time to welcome a fullback to the LA Rams offense.