LA Rams Van Jefferson could be key to Julio Jones trade

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Trade package

So let’s start this discussion by debunking some basic facts. The asking price by the Atlanta Falcons for Julio Jones is a first-round draft pick.  That’s neither literal nor the firm end-all bottom line. If you want $100 for something, you are not asking for a 100 dollar bill. You are merely setting a sales price at $100, and it’s up to the buyer to create that amount of value to make the transaction complete.

So when the asking price of the Atlanta Falcons may be a first-round pick, the LA Rams can create that level of value with a package of players, or draft picks or draft picks and players. Keep in mind that draft picks have no true value to an NFL team, any more than the money in your pocket has true value. It’s currency.

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Currency has value because we believe that it does. Currency is to commercial transactions what the English language is to communication. It’s a universal medium to ensure that everyone gets the expected value in a trade. Cryptocurrency is an example of a currency that is not universal. Not everyone believes it has value.

So what can the LA Rams offer the Atlanta Falcons? Well, the LA Rams have a solid number of 2022 draft picks.  The LA Rams could package a 2022 third-round and sixth-round pick, a 2023 third-round pick, and second-year wide receiver Van Jefferson.  That trade would look like this:

It should be more than enough to get the Falcons’ attention. Does it seem like too little? Don’t discount that package too quickly. the deal provides three valuable draft picks, and a solid receiver option for the Falcons who can immediately take up Jones’ roster spot, and he is much younger and far less expensive.