Did Julio Jones just beg LA Rams to reenter the bidding war?

Mandatory Credit: Brynn Anderson/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Brynn Anderson/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports /

Yes, the LA Rams have reportedly tapped out of the bidding war for one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, Julio Jones. That report came out just hours after the report surfaced that the Rams were one of two teams in active talks with the Atlanta Falcons. It was a holiday weekend, NFL news was slow, and the fact is that any trade involving Julio Jones is pretty big stuff.

That formula became a perfect storm of reported NFL rumors, many of which included the LA Rams directly or indirectly.  While that may have frustrated some with the intensity, and others with the outcome, the story just won’t go away. And we are obligated to stock our shelves with the latest NFL happenings that may have an impact or influence on the LA Rams.

Even as the LA Rams have talked about trading for Julio Jones, little has been said about Jones’ intentions so far, with the exception that he wants to go to a contender.  Now, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has a complete laundry list of qualities that Jones wants in his next team. |

Is Julio Jones recruiting the Rams back into the bidding war?

While his description of an ideal next-team might include several NFL teams, there is one certainty: The LA  Rams check all of the boxes.

The LA Rams are most certainly a consensus contender in 2021. And the LA Rams have just added one of the NFL’s best big-armed quarterbacks. The hiccup for many has been what it will cost to acquire and to extend, Julio Jones.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams /

Los Angeles Rams

Still, the same scenario developed for the LA Rams as they lined up to trade for Matthew Stafford. Stafford wanted to be traded to a contender and preferred to end up on the west coast.  The Rams were viewed as a team that had nothing to offer in a trade, and no cap space to absorb Stafford’s salary. Ultimately, the Detroit Lions did right by him and traded him to the Rams. Subsequently, the Rams found the cap space to make everything work.

Rams ready to move on

It appears that the team has already given up on a player who even Jalen Ramsey has been recruiting to the Rams. But this latest report gives pause. Is Julio Jones begging the LA Rams to return to trade talks with the Atlanta Falcons?  If so, does that mean that Jones is willing to give the Rams leeway into restructuring, or even renegotiating a more team-friendly contract?

Just like Matthew Stafford, if the Rams are a go on trading for Jones they will find the way to do so. So far, the team seems quite content with their current roster, as the team finally filled all 90 slots with the signing of defensive back Dayan Lake.

The impasse in negotiations so far seemed to be an insistence on the part of the Falcons for one of the Rams veteran receivers, one that the Rams are unwilling to part with. If Jones truly is interested in joining the LA Rams, that will certainly undermine the Falcons’ negotiating position and could force them into picks plus a lesser player.

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I suppose it’s not over until it’s all over. So far, it’s not over. Not by a long shot.