LA Rams: Darrell Henderson is offense’s adrenaline

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A hamstring of injuries

He improved dramatically in 2020, but even he fought off numerous nagging injuries. He was not available for much of training camp due to a nagging hamstring injury that pretty much put him on the sidelines for the duration of a very condensed training camp.  He came back from that setback and put up some impressive numbers against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills. He was reinjured before the LA Rams faced the Chicago Bears.  This time, the early season boo-boo was a thigh injury that limited his availability in preparing to face the Bears.

The season continued on with the LA Rams as per regularly scheduled, with Cam Akers rising to the lead running back.

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That lasted until Akers suffered a high-ankle sprain in a loss against the New York Jets. Once more, it fell to running back Darrell Henderson. Unfortunately, Henderson also suffered a high ankle sprain against the Seattle Seahawks and was lost to the team for the last game and throughout the playoffs.

The 2019 debut of Darrell Henderson was not greeted by fanfare or headlines. It was more of a “Have you seen me?” milk carton campaign as he had a surprising lack of carries in the preseason. By season’s end, he was on injured reserve due to an ankle injury. Two seasons in the NFL, both ending with his presence on injured reserve with an ankle injury.

Now with a pattern of repeated multiple injuries in both 2019 and 2020, Henderson’s durability is a concern, and rightfully so. The coaches are not convinced that he can handle a heavy workload early in the season, and still be available for the playoffs. And based on his track record, neither am I. But I don’t think that bubble wrapping the guy will do much to prevent injury.