NFC Championship Game – LA Rams SoFi Stadium is Under Siege

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

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The stadium was designed to thrill fans. So what about the LA Rams team? Well, the stadium certainly gives the opportunity to create a home-field advantage. For the most part, the LA Rams have taken advantage of that advantage. The Rams have played to an 11-5 record over the past two seasons at SoFi Stadium, and have a 1-0 postseason record at home.

But the Rams are 0-2 at Sofi Stadium when they face the San Francisco 49ers. So SoFi is not a tough place to play from the Niners’ perspective.

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Tough place to play? Not yet

It’s up to the LA Rams organization to make SoFi Stadium a tough place to play. Like any palace, stronghold, or castle, the mystique of the site has less to do with the architectural design or the materials used in the construction. Rather, the interest of historians is only piqued when the occupants successfully defend the walls against sieges of unwanted attackers.

Repelling invading armies is what makes a stronghold famous, not the fact that the construction used English Oak or bronze reinforcements. It is up to the army within to do so. And when it comes to the Red Invasion, the LA Rams have fought, and lost, the last two battles at SoFi Stadium.

Is it any wonder that San Francisco 49ers fans are so eager to cut checks for lavish amounts of money, travel the 380 some miles to attend, and even plan a hotel stay to cut daily travel demands in half? They’ve done so twice already, and have been treated to road wins against a division rival each time.