4 dream scenarios for LA Rams entering 2023 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft - Andrew Whitworth
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The LA Rams need to sign up as many as 46 rookies to add to their 44 contracted players during the 2023 NFL Draft, or in the days that follow the draft as all 32 scramble to scoop up those promising rookies who for one reason or another did not hear their names called during the three-day draft event. The Rams do not need to do so armed with only hopes and prayers. The team has 11 draft picks in their arsenal this year, and they will need all of those picks and more.

There is a benefit to the LA Rams draft strategy with so few players on the roster. The distinction between drafting for need and for the best player available is awfully blurred right now. And in many ways, the two strategies are in perfect synchronization.

Rams 2023 NFL Draft picks

  • Round Pick
  • Round 2  36th Overall
  • Round 3  69th Overall
  • Round 3  77th Overall (via Dolphins)
  • Round 5  167th Overall (comp pick)
  • Round 5  171st Overall (comp pick)
  • Round 5  177th Overall (comp pick)
  • Round 6  182nd Overall
  • Round 6  189th Overall (via Titans)
  • Round 6  191st Overall (via Packer)
  • Round 7  223rd Overall
  • Round 7  234th Overall
  • Round 7  Traded 251st overall (comp pick) to Pittsburgh Steelers

But with so many needs, the challenge is finding the right fit for each position. If you have a jigsaw puzzle, the fewer the number of pieces, the easier the chance to assemble a finished image. Right now, the LA Rams have a far more difficult challenge of assembling a final competitive roster. Why? Not only is the team targeting rookies to do the heavy lifting this season, but the fact that more than half of the team's roster has never met the coaches, the organization, or the city for that matter is a huge disadvantage.

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So what do we have in the category of the glass half-full? We won't let you down on this topic, I believe, as here are four Dream Scenarios for the LA Rams entering the 2023 NFL Draft

Dream Scenario IV: Multiple first round prospects fall to the Rams at 36

The LA Rams will step up to the 2023 NFL Draft podium for the 36th overall pick during the 2023 NFL Draft. In multiple mock draft simulators, the LA Rams had first-round prospects available to choose with the 36th overall pick more often than not. In fact, in some mock draft scenarios, the LA Rams had as many as six prospects with first-round grades, including RB Jahmyr Gibbs, OC John Michael Schmitz, OT Paris Johnson Jr, OG O'Cyrus Torrence, Edge Will McDonald IV, QB Hendon Hookier, and even DB Deonte Banks.

Why is that a dream scenario for the LA Rams? The more to choose from, the more likely that the Rams' Big Board aligns with a top-talented rookie on the board at 36. And if multiple top prospects remain on the board at 36, the more likely the LA Rams are willing to trade back and perhaps pick up an additional pick or two.