Doing this for HC Sean McVay may have turned LA Rams' 2023 season around

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'And up to now for me it's been hands against stone' - Gloria Estefan

Pivotal moments have been the turning point for the LA Rams' fortunes under Head Coach Sean McVay all along. It was the loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round that started the sense of urgency that mobilized the entire LA Rams organization to the great achievement of winning Super Bowl LVI. At the end of that game, All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald openly wept, a moment of raw truth from the Great One that burned an image into Coach McVay's soul. McVay vowed not to be the coach who could not win a Super Bowl for Aaron Donald.

It triggered the LA Rams to trade for Detroit Lions veteran quarter Matthew Stafford, Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller, and sign free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. But behind it all, it was the fierce commitment of Coach McVay that powered the team through adversity to claim the ultimate prize. But in the process, the love of the game was obscured behind the veil of winning.

You can call it living to fight another day. You can call it a toxic cleanse, a forced halt to competing to win to allow the joy of competing to replace that emotional rush. You can even call it replacing a focus on the destination with an appreciation of the journey. No matter how you may be most comfortable in naming this new chapter for the LA Rams and Coach McVay, one thing is clear.

Here comes the fun

The Rams are going to be a fun team, again.

The LA Rams will not dominate opponents in 2023, but that does not mean that means that the LA Rams cannot have fun this season. Quite the contrary. Eliminating the need to focus on win-loss records and NFL standings will make Rams HC Sean McVay very dangerous once more. Much like his debut in the NFL in 2017, McVay has nothing to lose this year. He has a young roster. He is coaching a 5-12 team. There are no expectations of success for this team in 2023.

Call it the amused index. Watch how often Coach McVay smiles, laughs, jokes, and displays a countenance of contentment this season. I expect that Coach Sean McVay is rediscovering his love for the game once more.

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The LA Rams gave Head Coach Sean McVay his life back by hitting the pause button for the 2023 NFL season. And in the process, I believe that was the best move LA Rams could have made to turn this ship around.