Forget the cow bell. LA Rams need more Kobie Turner

LA Rams rookie NT Kobie Turner continues to impress more with each passing game

Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts, Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts, Kobie Turner / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

When the LA Rams selected former Wake Forest defensive lineman Kobie Turner with the 89th overall pick in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft, I knew that he had the potential to have an immediate NFL impact on the Rams roster. From everything that I had seen or read, Turner was the ideal player for LA Rams star DL Coach Eric Henderson. Coach Henny gives his players as much as they can handle.

It just so happens that DL Kobie Turner is a sponge. He loves to be coached, loves to learn, and then steps onto the football field and delivers everything that he has learned from his coaches, his teammates, and previous game-time experiences. All the different sources and lessons have combined to make NT Kobie Turner a very dangerous player on the LA Rams defensive line.

And the results are incredibly impressive for a veteran nose tackle, let alone a rookie who has three more years of a very team-friendly rookie contract on the books:

While Turner's athletic achievements on this Rams defense may be what makes fans notice him, they will keep Turner on the radar because he has a larger-than-life personality that infects everyone around him with joy and merriment. Those types of players do more than just show up on the football field. They act like glue to the entire roster, keeping everyone motivated and upbeat. It's that constant smile that makes Kobie Turner a fan favorite.

Turner and who?

Check out his antics in the video footage below, and try not to laugh:

Rookie Kobie Turner and rookie outside linebacker Byron Young are already close friends, and are building the backbone of a very potent Rams defense. If you recall, the hope for the 2023 NFL season was for the Rams offense to remain potent, and the Rams defense to be the wildcard this season. But it's the Rams defense, fueled by Turner and Young. that has proven to be the stalwart achievers this season.

The LA Rams need more Kobie Turner. Just like that now infamous SNL skit 'more cowbell.'

The bonus to all of this is that Kobie Turner will improve next year. Surprisingly, he has already earned an honorable mention in the NFL top nose tackles list as of November 2, 2023.

Rookies are no certainty. Drafting players to fill positions of need can yield the same results as a scratch lottery ticket payout that covers next month's rent or mortgage. But the LA Rams nailed it when selecting NT Kobie Turner. And his best is yet to come.