LA Rams roster: Rams re-sign 2 players but still have open slots

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Sean McVay / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

With the LA Rams paring down the number of players to less that half of their training camp roster, keeping track of the comings and goings are bound to be at risk of confusion. As fans and those not privy to the internal meetings of the LA Rams organization, we are only exposed to the outcomes, the results of the LA Rams front office personnel decisions.

And to be honest, those outcomes are a bit confusing. On May 15, the team released three undrafted free agents who the team had come to an agreement with and signed another. The confusion began because the Rams roster was still not nearly to full capacity yet. But the Rams cleared the deck anyway:

Following the release of three, the Rams roster increased by one when the team signed Ohio State DL Taron Vincent. The Rams roster improved by one more player as the team claimed DB Vincent Gray off the NFL Waiver Wire from the New Orleans Saints. That could have been the end of it. Well, until two days after their release, the LA Rams re-signed WR Tyler Hudson and DB Jaiden Woodbe.

If you recall our recap about WR Tyler Hudson, I was saddened at his premature dismissal as I was intrigued by his height of 6-foot-2 and the fact that he was described as someone blessed with soft hands. While Hudson's most likely landing spot at the end of training camp is to find himself on the Rams practice squad, that's still a starting point to a larger more permanent role with the team going forward.

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The loss of DB Jaiden Woodbey from the Rams roster so quickly after his arrival was another disappointment, and for a similar reason. At 6-foot-1 and 231 pounds, Boston College immediately triggered optimistic projections and scenarios where he would be a dime or nickel backer who could specialize in going toe-to-toe with bigger and more powerful running backs, tight ends, or wide receivers.

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In the end, all's well that ends well, right? Perhaps. But the LA Rams roster is in its white water rapids phase right now. With so many players coming and going, and the Rams focused as much on the team's current payroll as the talent and number of players on the team, there are bound to be a few snafus.

When the Rams embarked on this journey towards sanitizing their roster for the 2024 NFL seaon, the early dismissal of veterans like ILB Bobby Wagner and OLB Leonard Floyd, the trade of DB Jalen Ramsey, and the pledge (which the team eventually saw through) to trade WR Allen Robinson was originally interpreted as something it was not. More and more evidence, and statements by almost everyone in the LA Rams organization, has indicated that the Rams roster moves are about clearing the credit dept of player salaries for now.

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And that means that some of the new players may get lost in the paperwork shuffle until the team gets its arms around onboarding so many rookies simultaneously. Just ask Tyler Hudson or Jaiden Woodbey if you want confirmation.