LA Rams rumors: 2 rumored coaching hires are far more important than you know

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Recapping the Rams coaching changes

To successfully track all of the Rams coaching changes, it's always a good idea to present the information in a format that allows the reader to associate the new rumored hires with the former coaches who held those positions in the past.


Former Role

New Team

New Role


Refilled by:

Eric Henderson

DL Coach/Run Game Coord


Co-Defensive Coordinator/DL Coach

7 years

Giff Smith

Raheem Morris

Defensive Coordinator


Head Coach

22 years

Chris Shula

Zac Robinson

QB Coach/Pass Game Coord


Offensive Coordinator

5 years

*3 - Dave Ragone

Jimmy Lake

Asst Head Coach


Defensive Coordinator

6 years

Jeremy Springer

Asst ST Coach


ST Coordinator

2 years

Chili Davis

Chris Shula

LB Coach/Pass Rush Coord


Defensive Coordinator

7 years

*1 - Greg Williams

K.J. Black

Offensive Asst


Offensive Assistant

1 year

Nick Jones

Offensive Asst


Asst OL Coach

2 years

Tim Berbenich

Coaching Analyst


Pass game spec/Game analyst

1 year

*2 - John Streicher

John Griffin

Asst Dir Strength & Conditioning


Lead strength & conditioning role

3 years

Jake Peetz

Pass game specialist


Pass game Coordinator

13 years

*4 - Nate Scheelhaase

The Rams appear to have addressed all of the major coaching vacancies with the latest rumored set of hires. If true the remaining four vacancies may not be addressed until the team announces all new coaching hires for the 2024 NFL season. As of right now, the remaining vacancies on the coaching staff are as follows:

  1. Assistant Head Coach | Last held by Jimmy Lake |
  2. Offensive Assistant | Last held by K.J. Black |
  3. Offensive Assistant | Last held by Nick Jones |
  4. Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning | Last held by John Griffin |

If the Rams rumors are true, the team has made significant progress in refilling key vacancies in the coaching staff rather rapidly. That is quite important because many important decisions that face the team will require meaningful input from these coaches. Whether the topic is which players are priorities to re-sign this year, which free agents might be targets in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, or even who should the Rams select in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, the mission is clear.

The Rams gained significant positive momentum through great vetting and adhering to a modest budget that forced the team to seek and sign great value in player additions. Hopefully, a more abundant supply of salary cap dollars in 2024 will not encourage the front office to abandon those principles this offseason.