LA Rams rumors: Steelers fleece Rams, leaving Rams O crippled for 2023

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Rams have a history of regretting offensive acquisitions

Have the LA Rams ever had this level of buyer's remorse in the past? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. After trading for speedy wide receiver Brandin Cooks from the New England Patriots, the Rams traded him away to the Houston Texans two years later. At the time the Rams traded Cooks, they had extended him to a very lucrative contract just prior. But repeated concussions cooled the Rams interest in the veteran receiver.

So too, the LA Rams traded a fourth-round and a sixth-round pick for veteran running back Sony Michel for the 2021 NFL season. But at the end of that season, the Rams simply let Michel, and their investment, walk away to sign with another team.

It's not you, it's the Rams

The pattern continues this season, as the team has buyer's remorse over both Wagner and Robinson. In Robinson's case, the Rams never got into a rhythm with him in their offense before he was injured and his season was over. If this situation had been a one-off, then it would be easier to conclude that the challenge was on Allen Robinson and that he simply did not work out. But the Rams' track record in recent years, particularly when offensive skill players are involved, builds a credible argument over the fact of the Rams' inability to assess and acquire fits.

Worse yet, is it a matter of a lack of effort to do so in the Rams organization?

Whatever the causal factors you may conclude, the pattern is alarming. If the LA Rams front office has lost the ability to synch up with the player necessary to make the Rams offense roar like a high-performance racecar engine, that is a problem that truly must be addressed in the here and now. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for the Rams to wipe the slate clean and start over from as close to scratch as is financially possible?