Looking into 7 remaining Rams free agents, what they may get, and from whom:

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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The LA Rams may be eagerly anticipating an opportunity to spend the best number and value of draft picks held for draft day since the team united GM Les Snead with HC Sean McVay, but that does not mean that it's all icing on the cake this offseason. The team faces a pretty significantly large number of outbound free agents. So great is this number that if the team committed to simply focus on extending everyone whose contract expires at the end of the 2023 NFL season, the team would fall short of signing everyone before the money ran out.

The team is scheduled to lose 22 players as the end of the season to expired contracts. While some players have been through the entire NFL Free Agency market before, some are facing the uncertainty for the first time in their careers. Other players may have been cut from a team's roster and re-signed with the Rams to get back into the game.

For this article, we will focus on those players who were either originally drafted (or signed after the NFL Draft) who face free agency after four or fewer years, or those players who have played four or fewer years in the NFL while playing for the Rams in 2023 and qualifying as Rams free agents for the algorithms used to award compensatory draft picks in 2025.

Players who were added via a trade, like Interior offensive lineman Kevin Dotson, will be addressed here. But don't miss our feature article on Kevin Dotson's free agency dilemma, because his decision has some rather provocative and unique issues that we simply will not address here.

So far, four LA Rams players have signed modest contracts to play elsewhere. The are:

  • Coleman Shelton - Chicago Bears (1-year, $3 million)
  • Jordan Fuller - Carolina Panthers (1-year, up to $5.25 million)
  • Tremayne Anchrum Jr. - Seattle Seahawks (No details available)
  • Jonah Williams - Minnesota Vikings (No details available)

Former Rams players had been triggering the algorithm that results in awarded compensatory draft picks in recent years. But the LA Rams free agency signings in 2024 have eliminated the likelihood for any awarded compensatory picks in 2025 due to offsets (signing a free agent eliminates losing a free agent). So, are any other free agents due to be signed soon? Let's scan who remains unsigned as of today.: