NFL Rumors: With Browns facing a future without Nick Chubb, is Rams Cam Akers a realistic option?

Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb
Cleveland Browns Nick Chubb / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

When a door closes, a window opens. While the LA Rams have all but shut the door on maintaining a long term relationship with veteran running back Cam Akers, he may have an opportunity to compete for a new NFL team sooner than later.

The chasm between the LA Rams and running back Cam Akers happened quickly, so quickly that Rams running back Cam Akers was stunned on Game Day to discover the news. While details were slow to develop, we reported the latest NFL rumors, specifically citing that the LA Rams truly intend to trade RB Cam Akers.

The problem is, which team is desperate enough to make an offer for a running back who can put up over 100 yards in one game, following by a 30 yard performance? Perhaps even more alarming, that running back has quickly gotten a reputation for being a distraction in the NFL locker room?

Browns may be the right team for Akers

Well, it was an image that I will not share here, but Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb suffered a devastating injury to his knee in a Week 2 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only is his season over, but the injury was so completely disastrous that Chubb may not play the game of football again.

And we, like everyone who cheers for the NFL, send our best wishes to Nick Chubb and his loved ones, and hope that he has a full and speedy recovery.

With Chubb likely out for the season, the Browns are down to RB Jerome Ford, and his teammate Pierre Strong Jr. While they are respectable backups for Nick Chubb, neither is likely to have the ability to carry the load for Chubb and the Cleveland Browns the rest of the way.

And so, NFL Insider Matt Lombardo posed the question that was on the minds of many NFL fans:

While the fit may not be ideal, the timing for a sudden supply and a sudden need is both a coincidence and obvious. The LA Rams and Cleveland Browns have been trading partners in the past, and it was the Rams sudden need for an offensive lineman Austin Corbett, who was a likely roster cut for the Browns, that netted the Browns a fifth-round draft pick.

Does commerce between the two teams run both ways? Will the Brown be willing to offer a late Day 3 pick to add a veteran running back to their roster now and sustain their hopes for a berth in the NFL Playoffs?

Nick Chubb won't be back this season. But the Cleveland Browns owe it to him to remain as competitive as possible in his absence. Running back Cam Akers may not be the right rusher for the LA Rams. But he could be the right guy for the Browns this season.