No passports required for international travel for the LA Rams in 2024

LA Rams
LA Rams / Huw Fairclough/GettyImages

The LA Rams schedule is out and we have already made the effort to plug in our crystal ball to scry the outcome of games for the 20224 NFL season. The Rams could be in for quite a thrilling journey this year. If the Rams front office is as successful in the 2024 NFL draft as was the case in 2023, this could be a very enjoyable season for the team.

Still, there is a sense of global marketing, and in the LA Rams' case, a need to maintain a presence in up to six international countries, on top of the domestic market. Per the NFL's Global Market Program, the Los Angeles Rams hold the rights to these countries:

  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea

The Rams share rights for Mexico with nine other NFL teams. The team shares the rights to Australia and New Zealand with the Philadelphia Eagles. For China, Japan, and South Korea, the Rams hold exclusive NFL rights to market in those countries.

Rams won't be competing internationally in 2024

One of the obligations of NFL teams with rights to other countries is committing to play games locally in that country. The NFL has been slowly expanding international games in countries that include Mexico, England, Brazil, and now Germany.

Whether you view it as fortunate or unfortunate, the Rams will not be competing internationally this year:

I am perfectly okay with that. Travel to and from international stadiums takes a lot of time and effort, time and effort that is better suited for preparing for opponents or simply convalescing in the privacy of one's home.

Perhaps the Rams will play a game Down Under someday. But not in 2024. For now, the team and Rams fans can store their passports for another season. Travel if you must, but not to cheer on the Rams in 2024.