Rams Draft rookies who "like football, smart, tough, competitive"

Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

There will never be a time in any postdraft show where an NFL head coach will say that the team had to settle for whoever was left on the draft board. But there is a twinkle in the eye of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay, a tone of authenticity that suggests that the LA Rams are not just going through the motions, but have truly landed some very competitive and talent laden rookies in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Based on third-party NFL Draft analysts, the Rams clearly did exactly that. And per the Rams video of Sean McVay in the Rams post-draft show, this team covered all the bases with a diverse and numerous rookie draft class that are 14 players strong. The Rams draft targeted tough competitors who play foundationally sound positions. This was not a draft of niche players. Rather, the Rams jumped right out of the gate to address the offensive line, pass rush, and defensive line.

Rams can compete, some are starting to say

The Rams have a lot of coaching up to do this offseason. This is not just a team that has a significant number of young players on board. Rather, this is a Rams roster that is comprised of half rookies. That's unheard of in NFL history, and it gives this Rams roster a feel that is nearly an expansion team. So are the Rams bailing out of competing in 2023? Is this a throw-away season for the Rams, with a goal of getting to the NFL Playoffs in 2024?

Not if you talk to NFL Insider Rich Eisen, who believes that the LA Rams will shock the NFL by making the NFL Playoffs this season. Too optimistic? Well, that seems to be trending right now. That also goes for CBS Spots columnist Will Brinson, who predicts the Rams to end the 2023 NFL season with a winning record.

I originally projected the Rams to win five games this season as soon as the 2023 NFL schedule was released. But I have to admit that I am growing more optimistic about this team as time passes. And the more I dig into the players on the Rams roster, the more I am convinced that this team will finish the 2023 NFL season strong.

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The LA Rams draft targeted rookies who "like football, smart, tough, competitive" players. And that is exactly what I had hoped this team might do. It's going to be difficult not to be optimistic with this team, particularly if the LA Rams pull off an early season upset win.