Time for concerns? Rams rumored to lose another coach. What can NFL do to fix this?

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Brett Rypien, Jake Peetz
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Brett Rypien, Jake Peetz / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Summing up the coaching losses paints a dire picture for Rams

No, the sky is not falling for the LA Rams football team. But the sheer number of coach losses makes an impact by the sheer number of new faces that will be joining the team's staff. The team has an opportunity to find new rising stars among the coaching ranks, and that has served the team's ability to recruit and hire new coaches well.

But it comes at a price. Perhaps the greatest lure to joining this coaching staff is the near certainty that a promotion awaits the coach in the near future. Of course, some coaches love their role with the Rams and are more than content to return to a new season and all of the challenges that come with a new NFL season.

But this is no longer the same coaching staff who led the team to a Super Bowl LVI victory. Of the head coach and coordinators from 2021, only HC Sean McVay remains. Of the position coaches, only Assistant Coach Zak Kromer and WR Coach Eric Yarber remain, On the defensive side of the ball, only LB Coach (now DC) Chris Shula remains. Count them, four coaches from the 21 coaches on staff for Super Bowl LVI.

That is a devastating rate of turnover. So let's look over the new churning of coaches from the Rams organization:


Former Role

New team

New role


Refilled by

Eric Henderson

DL Coach/Run game coordinator


Co-Defensive Coordinator/DL Coach

7 years

Giff Smith

Raheem Morris

Defensive Coordinator


Head Coach

22 years

Chris Shula

Zac Robinson

QB Coach/Pass game coordinator


Offensive Coordinator

5 years

Jimmy Lake

Asst Head Coach


Defensive Coordinator

6 years

Jeremy Springer

Asst ST Coach


ST Coordinator

2 years

Chili Davis

Chris Shula

LB Coach / Pass rush coordinator


Defensive Coordinator

7 years

*1 Greg Williams

K.J. Black

Offensive Asst


Offensive Asst

1 year

Nick Jones

Offensive Asst


Asst OL Coach

2 years

Tim Berbenich

Coaching Analyst


Pass game spec/Game analyst

1 year

*2 John Streicher

John Griffin

Asst Dir Strength & Conditioning


Lead strength and conditioning role

3 years

Jake Peetz

Pass game specialist


Pass game Coordinator

13 years

*1 LA Rams rumored to have interviewed Greg Williams for LB vacancy
*2 LA Rams rumored to have hired ex-Titans Asst to Head Coach John Streicher in a new role

While there is a hope and perhaps a level of confidence in the team's ability to effectively replace all vacancies with outstanding new coaches, there is always a human element of risk that comes with a new coach in a new role for a new team. Of course, the LA Rams football organization has to be very experienced at this sort of thing, as they have had plenty of practice and experience in reforming a group of new coaches for a new NFL season.

Still, this all seems to be incredibly burdensome to the Rams organization, as many teams only reason to lose coaches is dismissal due to a failure to achieve desired objectives. Can the NFL do something to limit the mass exodus of Rams coaches to other football teams?