What you don't know about these 3 LA Rams may surprise you

Larrell Murchison
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The LA Rams current roster remains idle at 45 players, and the team shows almost no sign of moderating their willingness to hold fast at that number right now. Whether or not that should be translated into this team signing and welcoming the other 45 players of this roster from the draft class of 2023 remains to be seen. But its a pretty good bet that is what the Rams have planned, a fact that with each passing day seems to be more and more likely.

Lost in the discussion is the fact that the LA Rams already have the youngest NFL roster in the league, and unless the Rams front office begins to sign a dozen or so veteran players who are nearing the end of their playing days, that will likely remain the case throughout the 2023 NFL season.

A young roster indicates that the team is already committed to a youth movement, with an eye on the future of the team. So who are these 'young guns' on the LA Rams roster today that we may need to keep on our radar?

Rams defensive linemen

DL Larrell Murchison is a young defensive lineman whose debut for the Rams' defense had everyone wondering who he was. Of course, putting up 2.5 quarterback sacks and five tackles in his debut for the team does tend to stand out and pique curiosity. The LA Rams claimed Murchison off the Tennessee Titans, and they have been more than pleased so far. Murchison is entering the fourth and final season of his rookie contract, but he showed up in three games for the Rams in 2022 and competed in 54 defensive snaps.

Murchison will have a lot more to say in the Rams defense with a full training camp. While he may not be a perennial Pro Bowler, he is already in the mix for a sound 2023 defensive line rotation, and he could earn a staring role for the team as well. With Aaron Donald, Bobby Brown III, Marquise Copeland, and Larrell Murchison, the Rams defensive front may not intimidate offenses as much as previous iterations have, but I think this young group can be quite effective.

Rams offensive linemen

OT Zachary Thomas was a mid-season signing off the Chicago Bears practice squad. Because he only saw live action for one offensive snap, Rams fans may not even realize that he is on the team. He is, and he is a 6-foot-5 300-pound offensive tackle. He was the fourth offensive lineman signed to the Rams roster and is the only player remaining on the team.

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Thomas a a very versatile offensive lineman, with the size and power to slide in either as an offensive guard or offensive tackle. He was noted on multiple draft profiles for his excellence in run blocking, a ket attribute to keep in mind for the 2023 NFL season. Thomas was added to provide necessary OL depth. Now with a full training camp, he should be in the mix for a role on the Rams offensive line.

Rams defensive back

S Richard LeCounte has yet to play for the LA Rams, but that will likely change dramatically in the 2023 NFL season. He is one of four defensive backs on the LA Rams roster, and is the only other defensive back besides Jordan Fuller who has more than one season worth of experience playing an NFL safety.

Normally, a defensive back brought back on a minimal salary would not be a place to focus for future contributors, but this 5-foot-11 196-pound DB must have caught the eye of the coaching staff to have made it this far with the team. LeCounte was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft with the 169th overall pick out of Georgia. He played in nine games with one start in his rookie season and saw limited action in 2022. Upon his release, the Rams signed him.

While he has yet to see action for the Rams yet, he will have a chance to integrate in the Rams training camp, and he could raise some eyebrows.

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Three young players, all added to the LA Rams roster mid-season. All three have an excellent opportunity to contribute to the team this year. I think the odds are favorable enough to recommend keeping them all on the radar.