Which positions should Rams target after the 2023 NFL Draft

LA Rams Coach Eric Henderson
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Okay, we've pointed out the fact that from the current LA Rams roster situation, the team is depending heavily upon undrafted rookies among their 2023 rookie class to do some of the heavy lifting for the team during the 2023 NFL season. So the question now becomes, which positions should the LA Rams target after the 2023 NFL Draft?

With 34 roster positions out of the 90-player limit likely still open after the Rams draft 11 rookies, there is room to address practically every position on the roster at least once after the 2023 NFL Draft simply for depth and to infuse competition into the upcoming LA Rams training camp.

Much depends on the UDFAs added to the Rams roster

The largest group of undrafted rookies signed to the Rams roster at once in recent history is the 22 undrafted rookies who were signed in 2020. Of course, the UDFAs at that time were signed not just to add depth to the Rams roster, but the positions signed at the time reflected the perceived deep positional strength for the 2020 rookie class. In short, that class was bursting with talent at wide receiver, at defensive line, and at defensive back.

The LA Rams 2023 NFL season is wide open in terms of who may contribute to the team. For LA Rams fans, that adds a much higher level of uncertainty and unpredictability. For Fantasy Football owners, it's a red flag warning off potential FF general managers who have next to no comfort level trying to guess how well Rams players might perform this season.

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But for those rookies who do not hear their name called in the 2023 NFL Draft, the LA Rams offer a yellow brick road to the Dreamland of Oz, a legitimate chance to sign on with a team whose roster is wide open, and where a solid training camp can become the foundation of a long and prolific NFL career.