Will the Eagles or Rams be playing in Australia next year in 2025?

Map Of Australia
Map Of Australia / Heritage Images/GettyImages

How would you feel about traveling to Australia to catch a game on the LA Rams schedule soon? I hope you are open to the idea. No, the LA Rams are not committed to traveling and playing an international game in 2024, but that could change shortly.

Did you know that the NFL has a program that designates international markets for specific NFL teams? It has been a rather successful initiative to build international interest in American Gridiron football in other countries, in direct competition with the popularity of soccer (a sport known as football in other countries). The LA Rams are one of the most active NFL teams in the program, currently boasting six Global Markets.

The LA Rams assigned Global Markets include:

  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Until now, the Rams have been limited to competing outside of the US with a game in Mexico, a country that is shared by 10 NFL teams. So the likelihood of the Rams competing in Mexico are low. But there is a new development that LA Rams fans should stay abreast of, and that is the fact that Australia is among a set of markets that the NFL is considering as a site for future international games:

The two NFL teams who share Australia are the LA Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Rams are natural as geography places them as the closest NFL team. The Eagles are assigned the Australian market because their left tackle, Jordan Malaita, calls Australia home.

If the LA Rams are scheduled to play in Australia, you should note that there are direct flights from Los Angeles, California to Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney, Australia that take 17 hours and 25 minutes. That may be a long flight, but it does take you to one of the mysterious seven continents that is on the bucket list of so many people.

And catching a Rams game is always a great reason to plan an adventure.