Will the LA Rams franchise or transition tag any player in 2024?

Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead / John McCoy/GettyImages

Do the LA Rams have an important decision to make in the next 48 hours? Well, before we get into all of that, let's step back a bit and see what awaits NFL fans in February 2024. There are some important NFL dates to circle this month. One is near the end of the month, and one is within the next 24 hours. On February 27, and running through March 4, 2024, the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine will take place once more in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, 321 prospects have been invited to participate, and the Rams will have plenty of interest entering the 2024 NFL Draft with 11 picks.

On February 20, NFL teams have through 1:00 pm PT on March 5 to assign either the Franchise or Transition tag. That means that the LA Rams may compel a player to remain with the team on a one-year deal on either a Franchise or a Transition tag. So the question becomes, are there any players from the Rams roster in 2023 who might be tagged in 2024?

Rams history of using their Franchise Tag

The LA Rams have not exactly pursued the use of either the Franchise or Transitional Tag in recent years. Rams GM Les Snead has hinted in the past that he shies away from the use of a tag as an equivalent to negotiating a new player contract to that of an "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" fire alarm placed in hallways. The Rams have used tags in the past, but have not done so since 2018. The history of the team's use of tags can be summed up in the data below:

  • 1998 – DB (CB) Ryan McNeil
  • 2000 – DL Kevin Carter
  • 2003 through 2005 – OT Orlando Pace
  • 2009 – DB (S) O.J. Atogwe
  • 2016 through 2017: DB (CB) Trumaine Johnson
  • 2018: – DB (S) LaMarcus Joyner

Tags are truly a last-ditch effort to halt a player's exodus if the team is passionate about re-signing that player. But that emergency obligation of a player for a one-year contract is incredibly pricey. Per OverTheCap.com, franchise tags for a quarterback are nearly $36 million in 2024, while a tag for an offensive lineman is nearly $22 million.

If you were hoping for the LA Rams front office to use a franchise tag to re-sign either QB Carson Wentz or IOL Kevin Dotson, I would not hold my breath. The Rams are unlikely to use a tag on any player this year.