Rams prepare for Colts in Week 1

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 12: Jared Goff /

The Los Angeles Rams host the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Having trimmed their roster over the weekend, the Los Angeles Rams are ready to begin Week 1. They will spend the week getting ready to play the Indianapolis Colts. Here are some things to consider as they prepare for the game.

McVay starts head coaching career at home

Sean McVay has been getting his introduction into the life of an NFL coach this summer and in the preseason. When he coaches his first game on Sunday, it will be from the friendly confines of the LA Coliseum. This is significant because it is one less thing to think about as he prepares his team for this game; not having to worry about travel, the opposing crowd, a hostile environment, etc. Starting his coaching career at home is a welcome advantage for McVay.

Will LA show up 90 thousand strong to support their team?

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The first day of the rest of Jared Goff’s life

The dreadful 2016 season is over. Jared Goff gets to start the year as the starting QB for the Rams. He has a coach and a general manager who have gone all-in on supporting him and have been committed to getting him the talent, protection, and coaching he needs to succeed. This Sunday we get our first real taste of what that is going to look like in a scenario that counts. It will be interesting to see how he does.

That being said, prepare yourself for overreaction Monday. No matter what happens, there will be talk that Goff is fixed or that the Goff experiment didn’t work. We will likely not know from one game, friends. Let’s give it time.

The Colts are not at full strength

Andrew Luck is reportedly unlikely to play Week 1. This leaves QB Scott Tolzien and QB Jacoby Brissett, recently acquired from the Patriots, as the options at signal caller. It will be difficult for Brissett to get ready to start this week, so it will likely be Tolzien starting. This is good news for the Rams, as he had a rough preseason.

In addition, one of the Colts most valuable offensive lineman, C Ryan Kelly, is out with a foot injury. This makes a mediocre interior offensive line look poor, and opens them up to pressure up the middle (imagine if Aaron Donald played). Lastly, the Colts top corner, CB Vontae Davis, is out with a groin injury. This may mean that WR Sammy Watkins, WR Robert Woods, WR Cooper Kupp, and company can expose the secondary for the Colts and move the ball.

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The Colts are the still the favorite

Despite these injuries and the Rams having home field advantage, multiple sites still have the Colts listed as a 3.0-3.5 point favorite. A losing reputation is difficult to overcome. We will see how these lines move as we get closer to game time and information about the starting QB becomes more available. The Colts were recently 26th on Fansided’s own NFL Power Rankings (The Rams were 25th).

This game is definitely winnable for the Rams.

Can they make it happen?