Rams-Cowboys: fans should exercise their football god-given rights

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Week 4 could be the ideal time for Los Angeles Rams fans to shape the future of football in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Rams are 2-1 and scoring points the likes of which could possibly have some future scapegoat in New England scurrying for the latest in video technology. If it were one of the expected top-tier teams in the NFL no one would bat an eye lash to such headlines. Yet, nearly four weeks into the season and even most Rams fans appear to be “cautiously optimistic” at best. A few might actually take comfort in Wade Phillips’ defense being less than expected. A conditioning of feeling safe they prefer you perceive as being “realistic.”

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Okay, let’s be real. Admittedly, it’s quite difficult to believe in something that has a history of disappointing you. There is also the often unrecognized truth that people come to Los Angeles from all over for career and financial advancement, not for sports. The realness of it all? Fans in general here have the reputation that they do because sporting events are just that. An event, not a way of life like their religion or moral beliefs.

To a lesser degree percentage-wise than, say GGreen Bay or Pittsburgh, there are Rams fans that are one hundred percent behind their team. What’s more, they aren’t just in Los Angeles but across the country and overseas. To other readers calling yourself Rams fans, you now hold a power you may not be aware of. Here is your chance to learn and utilize it.

Enter the Dallas Cowboys.

Now we have their attention; the football world’s, albeit perhaps not in the best possible light. The Cowboys, it seems, get national attention from the masses if someone in the front office sneezes. Occasionally, insignificant little teams like our Rams get to be the roaches seen scattering when the spotlights hit America’s team.

A good example of this is from an ESPN article that has the Cowboys-Rams game as the fifth-most important game of the week. I won’t go into how the game would be rated higher on the list if any of three-fourths of the rest of the NFL were facing Dallas. My point is, the network that consistently shows more highlight reel of almost any team the Rams beat than the Rams’ – the actual winning team – is now including them on a positive list. And what’s that power I mentioned?

Read on.

It’s a new era. Act accordingly.

These are not the Rams of the past several years. This is not the coaching staff of every coaching since Dick Vermeil’s departure. The truth is, the hiring of current head coach Sean McVay has an excellent chance to go down in history as one of the franchise’s best acquisitions ever.

Yes, I realize that seemingly premature statement may raise some bloggers’ brows. I’m good with that and await your criticism. But a preseason analysis putting these new Los Angeles Rams ppg average above the 20 spot by mid-season is currently an understatement that I now hope I’m wrong about. McVay displays  every indication that he is an artist motivated by his craft, not his paycheck or his appearance on the big stage. The over-discussed footage of his position by the Gatorade is one of the most impressive and revealing things I’ve ever witnessed. Sooner rather than later, it may also be a printout on my man cave wall documenting the moment I was convinced of the Rams’ return to greatness.

Devoted Rams fans will show support for their team no matter what. Their hearts never faltered when the team moved to St. Louis. But as for the casual followers afraid to commit, you have a power not unlike that of Hollywood’s. The power to create a meaningful buzz in this town and make the Rams the undisputed main NFL event in Los Angeles before it actually happens. And for years to come.

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The football gods appear to be smiling down on the Rams organization. Indications are becoming evident that the team with the history here is the team with the brightest future. Fans need only to believe and the Rams beating the Cowboys is the way to encourage this. It’s also the best chance they’ll get all season to send the message that Los Angeles football may not be the religion it is in Green Bay, but it’s the happening that most other cities cannot compete with.

My take on the game itself has the Los Angeles Rams much more capable of an upset than oddsmakers, as 1-point favorites on the road.

As I indicated, these are not last year’s Rams.