LA Rams Cooper Kupp 89th on NFL Top 100 list

From IR to NFL Top 100 list, LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp is just getting warmed up. 2020 will be his career-best.

It was July 2019, and the LA Rams were in the midst of putting the finishing touches on the team’s playbook to prepare for training camp. At that time, a young receiver from Eastern Washington University was entering his third NFL season, a season marked by a huge question mark. You see, WR Cooper Kupp‘s season ended at the mid-point of the 2018 NFL season, and the team was uncertain exactly how ready he was for another run of a grueling 16 game season. After all, the LA Rams clearly needed Kupp on offense, particularly when they could only muster three points against the New England Patriots defense in Super Bowl LIII.

There was even talk of resting Kupp. The uncertainty of his readiness to play on the injured-now-rehabbed leg was so great that many discussed the likelihood of Kupp sitting out preseason games. Instead, the Rams sat the starters for the entire preseason, setting a trend in the NFL. And Kupp used that extra time wisely, becoming more explosive, quicker at cuts, and more physical at catching the ball. In fact, he was so impressive that Ramblin Fan predicted Kupp would have a career year despite competing for the ball from teammates Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks.

2019 star receiver

And he did. He started fast and never looked back. Not just a better year. He was the best receiver on the roster in 2019.  That type of performance should have won him the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year. Instead, that honor was bestowed upon Tenessee Titan quarterback Ryan Tannehill. While the Rams receiver was overlooked, he was not forgotten. You see, the LA Rams receiver did win an award for 2019.  He was named the 89th best player in the NFL, his first appearance on the Rams Top 100 list.

While this is most certainly a well-deserved honor, Cooper Kupp is just getting warmed up folks. He will have another career year in 2020, In fact, we’ve put numbers to it. How about 115 catches for 1,440 yards and 14 TDs? That’s good enough to place Kupp into the competition for the top wide receiver in 2020.

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Is Kupp an NFL Top 100 player? You bet!  In such a short time, he’s skyrocketed to one of the best receivers in the NFL. He has done so by making clutch catches, getting the ball into the end zone, and becoming one of the team’s most sure-handed receivers. And for added incentive, he is playing for his next contract. Of course, it all comes down to can the LA Rams offensive line gives his quarterback Jared Goff enough protection? Oh, wait! The Rams 2019 offensive line was ranked 31st in the league, and Kupp had a career-high season. Imagine the ceiling when the Rams figure out their offensive line issues. Stay tuned, the Rams will in 2020.

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