5 free agency ILBs to help LA Rams endure full season

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LA Rams free agency
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Option 4

Bryce Hager is the second option for the LA Rams, and he is certainly a player the Rams know very well. Hager is 6-foot-1 and weighs 237 pounds, and is currently signed to the New York Jets practice squad. While that prevents the Rams from bringing him in for a look-see, the Rams have plenty of knowledge about him and should know enough to sign him to the active roster if and when the team feels compelled to do so.

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The advantage of Hager is the familiarity factor for both the player and the team. The Rams know him, and he knows the Rams. Not just the players, but the coaches and the opponents.  That is a distinct advantage for a player to know the division opponents very well.  But this is more than a family reunion. Much more. The Rams need a player who can come to the roster and play defense. Hager can because he did so last year.

Reasons to bring Bryce back

Whether or not the thought of bringing Bryce Hager back sounds appealing, the Rams are slipping into a ‘must do something quickly’ mode rather rapidly.  Even as the Rams were deliberating whether or not to re-sign Hager, I covered the topic and identified three reasons why the team would be wise to bring him back.

Those reasons still apply, perhaps even more so now than before. After all,  the Rams are on thin ice at the position and are getting thinner with the recent injury report.  How long will the Rams be able to patch together players who can fill the role?  Hager may not be lights out at the position, but he is enough to hold the defense together as other players get healthy.