Are the LA Rams too nice to win hard fought games?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have won seven games. But in their four losses, they were out-physicaled in three. Is this team too nice to win a hard fought game?

The NFL is a tough competitive sport, and the LA Rams are winning games. So far, so good, right? Well, games can be won in many ways. Either the winning team can be luckier than the other team. Or the team that claims the victory can be the more talented team. Of course, there is always the team that is more prepared will succeed. And finally, there is the team that simply fights harder for the win.

The Rams have won games this year where they are the more talented team, and also where they are the more prepared team. There is even an argument about the amount of luck that the Rams benefit from, as that seems to have an ebb and flow unto itself in each game.  Of course, there is the officiating component as well, but over the course of the game and the season, those sort of subjective calls tend to balance out.

Rams have struggled to out-muscle teams

The LA Rams have struggled against teams that have a gritty attitude.In recent years, the Rams have found limited success against the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. And it did not have to do with preparation or talent level. In games like these, against a determined opponent that is fiercely competitive, the Rams seem to struggle to match the opponent’s intensity.

It was that trend that prompted us to seek players in the NFL Free Agency market who could add a snarl-element to the Rams roster. We sought players to add intensity to the defense. We listed five inside linebackers who could add fierceness to the defense.  We even compiled a list of 13 veteran free agents who combine intensity and physicality in their play.

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Rams need to play with more intensity

Some teams take great pride in winning the game in the trenches.  Earlier in the season, when the Rams claimed a rare win against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, it seemed as though the Rams had found a way to win against strong teams. But the Rams found themselves on the receiving end of physical play against the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

Of course, LA Rams Aaron Donald can turn up the intensity instantly. But it seems as though he is the unicorn on the roster when that happens. What are the LA Rams made of? Can this team play with intensity and urgency?

Eye of the Tiger

It’s inevitable. For the LA Rams to find success, this team will need to find a way to cobble victories when the chips are down. These Rams will need to find ways to find an end zone despite losing at the line of scrimmage. The Rams will need to create a turnover when they are down on the scoreboard and time is running out.

Eventually, the Rams will run into another physical opponent. At some point, the Rams will need to get pissed off enough to forget about failure in order to finally win. The pattern of two wins and a loss is now entrenched. Are the Rams so focused upon not losing that they lose? Or is this team simply to nice to find enough meanness within to dominate opponents?

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In any case, let’s hope that the team figures it out soon.  The Rams are just 3-3 in the last six games, and that won’t cut it. If they don’t get pissed off and play with intensity soon, they will find themselves sent packing for home.