Could the New York Jets upset the LA Rams?

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Any given Sunday, the NFL is full of upsets. But it’s awfully hard to believe that the Jets could pull off an upset of the LA Rams at SoFi Stadium

The LA Rams know better than to look past any competitor this season.  But I will say that the New York Jets’ ineptness will push that to the limit this Sunday.  The Jets’ offense has scored as much as 28 points on three separate occasions. On a separate occasion, the Jets’ defense has held opponents to as few as 18 points once.

So in theory, the Jets can win NFL games. But in practice, it’s just not looking that way.  Their latest game was a loss to the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 40-3. While Seattle’s defense has been improving somewhat, scoring just three points against them raised even the more conservative eyebrows.

Winless in Seattle

The winless Jets will almost certainly be selecting first in the 2021 NFL Draft.  After all, they are winless in 13 games, and merely face the LA Rams, the Cleveland Brown, and the New England Patriots.  The Jets players no doubt would love nothing better than to win out their remaining three games. The Jets front office no doubt would love nothing better than to lose out, reset the coaching staff, draft first in each round of the 2021 NFL Draft, and rebuild. The coaching staff? Well, they are led by head coach Adam Gase, so that’s anyone’s guess.

Since the Jets are next up on the Rams schedule, I tuned in for a few moments to scout just how good they might play in a nothing-to-lose way. Their offense put up the first three points, but that was it. The Seahawks rushed for 174 yards in that game to the Jets 69 yards.  The Seahawks passed for 239 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception to the Jets’ 132 passing yards.

Odd odds

Could the Rams be heading for a trap game against the New York Jets? Of course, they could be. The odds opened for this one with the LA Rams as 14.5 point home favorites. The spread has already jumped to 16.5 points in favor of the LA Rams.  Will the Rams cover that amount of points?  Well, that’s why they are set so high.

The Rams defense should be more than up to the task in this game. The Rams offense could use this one to fine-tune everything before the following week’s showdown for the NFC West title against the Seattle Seahawks. Even the Rams special team has a chance to work out some miscues in a live NFL game. Holden Cantor predicts the final score in this one at Rams 38 Jets 10. Before training camp, Bret Stuter predicted this one as Rams 31 Jets 10.

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The only hiccup is the fact that the Rams have never won more than two consecutive games so far this season. Should the Rams defeat the New York Jets, it will be the first time that the Rams will have won three games in a row. Can the Jets upset the Rams? Likely no. But that means that the Rams must do something the team has failed to do all season. Win a third consecutive game.