LA Rams curlicue: It’s time for a shoe and a cleat all its own

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Are you still reeling from the launch of the new LA Rams logo, color scheme, and uniforms? The leaked sketches were so poorly received that the initial reactions are still priceless: Is this some type of hoax? Of course, it wasn’t, and that fact set off social media with a tsunami of outrage and public rejection.

The reactions sparked the LA Rams organization to embrace the negative to launch their new organizational icon, as LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff read the 10 meanest Tweets to commemorate the launch.

And yet, did the Rams organization fail to deliver something truly iconic for their icon? Wait, what’s that?

The definition of iconic means:

1.  of, relating to or having the characteristics of an icon

2. widely recognized and well-established, as in an iconic brand name

3.  widely known and acknowledged, especially for distinctive excellence

The LA Rams have an iconic NFL logo:  the ram’s head curlicue. It’s classic, historic, vintage, and instantly recognizable all in the same breath. Even if you were to show someone who doesn’t follow football an image of the curlicue, chances are good they will instantly know it symbolizes the LA Rams.

The new NFL cleats standard for the LA Rams

It’s like the Golden Arches of McDonald’s, the yellow seashell of Shell, the chubby tire-man of Michelin. . .  or the Nike swoosh. Instant awareness, instant recognition. Distinctive excellence. (That kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)

Only a handful of NFL teams can boast of enjoying such a luxury. Perhaps the horseshoe logo of the Indianapolis Colts (the one they stole from Bawlamer) or the lightning bolt logo of that other NFL team that plays in Los Angeles come close.

But neither logo stacks up very well up against the curlicue. For my money, the curlicue is the top of the heap, the cat’s meow, the kingpin of all NFL logos. So, capitalize on it. Monetize that sucker.

The pitch

So, there’s the windup and now for the pitch. Because here’s an idea I believe whose time has come. Nike should roll out a shoe (and a cleat, for the players)  that features the iconic Rams curlicue instead of their own iconic Swoosh logo.

They can call it the limited edition LA Rams model, and paste their Swoosh on the back (if they feel compelled to include the Swoosh.) But on the sides of the shoes, instead of the Swoosh, the Rams’ curlicue would wrap around, maybe even over the laces. They can devote the revenue earned by the special cleats to social causes, charities, or the Los Angeles community.

Put it out in Rams colors – Royal blue, golden Sol yellow, or maybe even gold on black. (hopefully to match their new 2021 uniforms).

Imagine the image of the fleet-footed road runner of a wide receiver named DeSean Jackson laying out to catch an aerial bomb from Matthew Stafford and you see the curlicue on his helmet, as well as his cleats. WR Robert Woods with Rams’ curlicue horns on his head and his feet?

It could happen.

If Nike isn’t interested in the concept, then maybe Adidas, Under Armor, or Puma will take this handoff of an idea and run with it. . . all the way to the house. Now is not the time to fumble the exchange, either. The NFL sponsored the ‘My Cause, My Cleats‘.  Think of this as the next level of that initiative: ‘My Team, My Cause, My Cleats’.  It could be a limited edition for the 17th NFL game? It could be unveiled for post-season play?

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Yes, indeed, the time has come to honor the curlicue appropriately with a cleat and a shoe that’s worthy of its past, present, and future, as well as the team’s distinctive excellence.