Rams preseason games will have at least one nationally televised contest

The LA Rams clashing with the Cowboys will play for a nationally-televised audience in Game 1. But what should fans expect for the 2024 preseason?
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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We know that the LA Rams' schedule for the 2024 NFL season is publicly available. If you have been a consistent reader here at Ramblin Fan, you know that we have likely saturated the 2024 schedule for you with game-by-game predictions, the upcoming grudge matches, and even going so far as to outline must-see games, worst-case scenarios for 2024, and best-case scenarios for the upcoming season.

If you enter this season unprepared, it won't be due to the lack of attention or coverage we have provided.

But in the grand scheme of things, we have overshot the mark a bit, haven't we? After all, the first visual feast of the LA Rams football season that actually resembles football is the heated competition during the preseason games. Unlike many teams, the Rams sit practically all starters throughout preseason, intending to get their 'rust knock off of them' in controlled scrimmages through joint practices with other NFL teams.

Instead, the Rams' front office and coaching staff use the three preseason games to get opportunities, repetitions and snaps to rookies and players who are in the roster bubble. While that means that the quality of play for the team may not put on the type of sneak preview performances that get fans' mouths watering, it does create tremendous competition on the Rams roster in two ways.

More playing time for those players who need added work places new opportunities into the hands of players who need that extra bingo card to win a roster spot. In essence, like a game show, contestants who have not yet won a prize continue to compete. That ensures that the Rams dedicate preseason to players who may be playing for other teams in the future, and allows them to showcase their performance in preseason contests.

It also allows the lessons of practices, drills, and coaching instructions to be put to the test in real world football circumstances for players who may need to make those connections between textbook and real-world applications. While not every player who wants to earn a roster spot will do so, some may elevate their potential in the eyes of the coaching staff to warrant a spot on the team's practice squad.