This Day 3 prospect could be ideally suited for LA Rams future success

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Rams have beefed up QB development

One of the themes of the Rams' coaching hires in 2024 has been the presence of strong quarterback development among the team's offensive coaches. The most recent addition to the staff, Jerry Schuplinski, is perhaps the most intriguing, so let's start there:

Schuplinski was the mastermind with the New England Patriots who oversaw the development of both QB Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett in 2016. As a result, the Patriots were able to trade both quarterbacks for valuable draft picks. He also helped Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick find his mojo in 2019.

But, as we stated, he was just the beginning of multiple additions to the staff who have strong QB development skills and history.

  1. John Streicher | Game Management Coordinator | Story Link
  2. Dave Ragone | QB Coach | Story Link
  3. Nate Scheelhaase | Offensive Assistant, Pass Game Specialist | Story Link
  4. Jerry Schuplinski | Senior Offensive Assistant | Story Link

Since we are discussing quarterback development, let's turn to new QB Coach Dave Ragone. He also had tremendous success, coaching up Chicago Bears young QB Mitch Trubisky to his best NFL performance. Even as Trubisky was beginning to shine in the spotlight, NFL Insiders and analysts did not hesitate to point to Dave Ragone as the one who was ultimately responsible for his quarterback's success.

As you can see above, the Rams have four new offensive coaches, and all of them add their own blend of history and style to the task of developing a new quarterback. So who's it gonna be, fellas?

Tennessee QB Joe Milton is a strong option to test out the Rams renewed focus at developing a young quaterback. If the team selects him, and is able to refine his inconsistencies, the result is an NFL quarterback who is huge, powerful, can throw endzone to endzone, and who can beat opposing teams with his legs.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But in terms of risk and reward? Joe Milton is a very low-risk, high reward gamble in the 2024 NFL Draft. And we know that Rams GM Les Snead loves to gamble.