LA Rams new logo is final, despite Eric Dickerson’s efforts

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The LA Rams new logo is final, despite public outrage and Rams’ star running back Eric Dickerson’s best efforts to change their mind

The matter was decided before the discussion ever began. The LA Rams wanted a new logo for the 2020 NFL season to represent the new chapter of the organization for this year. It was grand undertaking, designed to capture the history of the franchise from its roots in Cleveland, to its period at Los Angeles, then out to Saint Louis, then back to LA. Something new and inspirational, representing the vitality and prestige deserving of the franchise which has meant oh-so-much to the NFL.

Well, new will just have to do. The logo is new, but it doesn’t really do much for the fans. Well, strike that. It does do something for the fans. It has made them upset.  So upsetting, that a “sneak preview” of the logo was thought to be a hoax.  The Rams’ organization could not be so foolish as to design and market a new logo which will represent the team for years to come without test marketing it, right?

The hoax theory seemed to hold some truth when the Rams announced a grand unveiling for the new logo to coincide with a fundraising effort to benefit the Los Angeles community. The logo was revealed, and despite the team’s COO Kevin Demoff’s promise for something new and exciting, the logo was received no better than the leaked version.

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Ever the statesman, Demoff promised to read the 10 meanest tweets if the fundraising event would bring in over $2 million dollars. It raised over $2.3 million, and Demoff was true to his word and did, in fact, read the 10 meanest tweets about the new logo.

But it didn’t stop there. Rams HOF running back Eric Dickerson promised to persuade the team to reconsider the new logo, and perhaps tweak the design towards something the fans might find less unattractive.

The result of his efforts was released today, by Eric Dickerson himself.

So there you are. The new logo, as attractive and stylish or ugly and abhorrent as it is, will stay.  And if you want to purchase merchandise with the new logo, you can do so.

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In the end, the greater concern is the quality of the team on the field when the next NFL season starts. And if fans do not appreciate the new logo, merchandise will likely wait for a very long time on shelves, waiting to be purchased.