46 players in 48 hours: Radical LA Rams roster build the next NFL trend?

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The LA Rams will add 46 players in 48 hours? Tell me it's all a joke . . .

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, and there is no way around the fact that the radical approach of the LA Rams roster building innovations will either result in a regrettable disappointment, or it could result in the next NFL trend. After all, it was the LA Rams own success at spending future draft picks for present-day players that has led to the current state of the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles acquired WR A.J. Brown. The Denver Broncos traded for veteran QB Russell Wilson. The Arizona Cardinals traded for WR Marquise Brown. Even the San Francisco 49ers traded mid season for RB Christian McCaffrey.

And it was all thanks to the LA Rams success at building and NFL Championship roster along the way to the Super Bowl LVI.

But the LA Rams have come to the end of that run. This team finished 5-12 in the 2022 NFL season, due to an enormous and persistent number of injuries that decimated the team's roster and the salary cap reserves stashed away for a rainy day. It rained and then it rained on the Rams in 2022. The team had less than $1 million remaining in available salary cap space by season's end . . .

In the next 48 hours . . .

The LA Rams will begin the process of adding rookies to the Rams roster. While the team does not currently possess any picks in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft, you can bet that much of what the LA Rams can and will do when the team begins to make their selections hinges on what transpires on Day 1.

Will some predictions of an early run on quarterbacks in the first round of the draft take place? I would not hold my breath. Quarterbacks either have 'it' or they do not, and even the prospects who are touted in this draft like Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker or Florida QB Anthony Richardson are not guaranteed to hear their names called in Round 1.

Positions that are hit hard on Day 1 include offensive tackle, defensive back, defensive line, edge rusher, and wide receiver. Even as the Rams arguably have a need to add players at each of those positions, this draft has enough depth that even a run on Day 1 should still leave the Rams with plenty of enviable options when the team takes the stage for their first selection with the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft . . .

Over the next 48 hours . . .

The Rams will add anywhere from 10 to 15 rookies via the draft. We have made our bold predictions for the draft, highlighted 10 sleepers in this draft, and even laid out a blockbuster trade among 4 draft day trade scenarios that may intrigue the Rams enough to draw some interest.

The Rams do not only need to add players. This team must assemble, select, and sign 46 players to the roster. While there is no short term deadline, there is a mad scramble from the moment that the 2023 NFL Draft concludes by all 32 NFL teams to show up and sign up those unclaimed rookie free agents who did not hear there names called out during the draft.

Right now, the Rams have up to 35 open roster slots to fill after the 2023 NFL Draft. That is a huge number of prospects to sign up, and the only word I can think of to forewarn fans is uttter pandemonium.

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46 players in 48 hours: This radical approach to the latest LA Rams roster build could fail. But if the Rams show any level of success, could this become the next NFL trend?