Edge blockbuster and 4 other trades Rams can't refuse in 2023 NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft is a time that is loaded with twists and turns, much like an amusement park roller coaster, that often leaves NFL fans breathless, excited, and eager for more. It was just one year ago that nine trades were brokered in the first round alone including blockbuster trades for wide receiver A.J. Brown being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and wide receiver Marquise Brown being traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

It was especially surprising to find that the LA Rams did not participate in any headlining draft day trades. Well, not particularly surprising, as the Rams had pellets in their ammo bag compared to the other NFL teams. With a 2022 NFL draft that started with the 104th overall pick, the Rams organization found itself in the most unusual situation of being a spectator as other NFL teams hedged their bets, negotiated their best trades, and let fly in the hopes of winning more games after the trade.

The LA Rams have a bit more potency when it comes to the 2023 NFL Draft. And with a far less urgent and far more carefree perspective in terms of immediate winning, the Rams could find themselves to be a catalyst for the 2023 NFL season success to any number of teams that make the team a fair market value in the hopes of prying away one of the Rams remaining key veteran contributors.

Look for a wheelin' and dealin' Rams GM Les Snead

The 2023 NFL Draft has plenty of opportunity to foster trade scenarios. Because this is a deep class with only limited elite players as per the consensus of any number of NFL Draft analysts, there will be a lot of jockeying to land early to grab one of the best prospects. But thanks to the evenly ranked draft class that has some starters projected as late as Round 4 or 5, the Rams could be in a superb position to trade back and still emerge with excellent starters. What do I mean? Here are the five trade scenarios that have a chance of happening for the Rams on draft day.

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  1. LA Rams trade TE Tyler Higbee to the Detroit Lions
  2. LA Rams trade back in Round 2 for a huge haul
  3. Broncos trade Courtland Sutton to Rams on draft day
  4. Rams get great value in trade-down with Packers
  5. Blockbuster Rashan Gary trade

These are scenarios, not rumors nor predictions. But each has value for all teams involved, and could develop very quickly from one phone call into a done deal.

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The LA Rams may not participate in any draft day trades. But the offers will come, and the LA Rams shoiuld be prepared to pull the trigger if they like what they hear. What might they hear? Here are the details of the five various trade scenarios that could happen