Are the LA Rams uniforms really the ugliest in the NFL?

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Well, that could have gone better

The first sign of disaster occurred when the LA Rams new logo was apparently leaked to the public ahead of schedule via COO Kevin Demoff’s Twitter profile. In that slip of the logo, social media rushed to catch the sneak preview. If the goal was to create a buzz, then the slip-up was 100 percent effective. But if the goal was to create a warm reception for the new logo, color scheme, and merchandise, well it seemed to miss the mark.

Initial reactions suggested that potential customers were markedly horrified at the new logo, so much so that some suggested the entire event was a hoax. The LA Rams logo became an instantly hot topic in the NFL, so hot in fact that LA Rams legends and NFL analysts were compelled to weigh in on the validity of the logo.

Look away, I’m hideous

Reactions to the new logo were overwhelmingly negative. So negative, that the organization promised to reveal the new logo, uniforms, and color schemes on March 23, 2020, a date that coincided with fundraising efforts to aid those most adversely affected by COViD-19 restrictions.

How did that big reveal turn out? The event triggered a firestorm of negative feedback to the team. But ever light on his feet, Kevin Demoff turned the negative feedback into a positive, by reading the 10 meanest Tweets in a media event. They were not the 10 meanest Tweets, but merely the 10 meanest Tweets that could be shared with the public.  But there is more. How well did the new merchandise resonate with the team’s past stars?

Horrifically. It was so bad, that Rams HOFer RB Eric Dickerson personally lobbied the team to change the logo because it strongly resembled male anatomy. Those efforts failed, and the Rams found themselves trying to market their new line of merchandise which had already gotten two thumbs down from a former legend of the game. Well, that could have gone better, don’t you think?