3 ways to convert your home into an LA Rams mini SoFi experience

(Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images) /

With limited seating at SoFi Stadium, here are 3 ways to bring the LA Rams home field advantage to your home

The LA Rams home opener debut of Sofi Stadium and Sports Complex likely will not be enjoyed by many fans, if any at all.  That is not only a huge disappointment to the LA Rams organization but also hugely disappointing to their roommate, the LA Chargers. In fact, the entire NFL is like a bit down in the dumps over it all.  After all, this was the flagship stadium for the NFL. A technological wonder that is so advanced that no other professional sports team would likely do better in the next ten years. That’s not just in the USA, but worldwide.

SoFi Stadium, now at a cost of over $6 billion, is a grand undertaking that has redefined the way sports and entertainment co-exist in grandeur and splendor. Rather than constructing one large arena/stadium for all venues, and facelifting the structure for the event of the evening, this project constructed multiple locations, each designed to maximize that event.  Acoustics for musical events, video displays for sporting events, and an aesthetic layout to break up the monotony of miles of parked vehicles.

So long SoFi?

The events at SoFi have slowly evaporated.  Initially, the LA Rams’ season ticket holders were advised of the likelihood of limited seating this year. Next, the NFL cut preseason games to just two.  Then reports surfaced over the NFL canceling all preseason games. Then, reports indicated that the Rams would play before no more than 15,000 spectators at home games, and may play all home games in an empty stadium.  So much for rolling out the state of the art SoFi stadium, huh?

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Well, we can compensate. After all, the latest news of the 2020 NFL Season is a go, pending NFLPA voting, is huge. With a season comes football. As for the spectacular debut of the $6 billion SoFi stadium and Sports Complex?  Well, there are ways to compensate.  After all, weren’t we the folks who advised three ways to bring tailgating parties to your kitchen?  We also offered three ways to optimize your virtual football experience.  But to replicate that SoFi experience? Well now, that’s going to take some imagination, some investment, and some effort.  Are you up for it?  Well here’s how to make it work for you.